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I am an artist living and working in rural Shropshire, where the inspiration for my work is fuelled by the county's landscape and the flora and fauna that inhabit it.


My work focuses on capturing the character and spirit of an animal through the mediums of pen, ink and watercolour. I prefer to use handmade paper, as its textured, earthy surface suits the nature and feel of my work. It also acts as the perfect base for both my choices of mediums; the loose, unpredictable watercolour and the tight, scratchy lines of pen and ink. I love creating blotches and daubs of colourful watercolour, and then over the top of this adding detail with layers and lines of feathers or fur.


I also love to capture vegetables in this way, painting in their leafy green tops and sketching their twisted roots, still clumped with fresh soil from the ground.



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